Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3 Ways to find the perfect opportunity Making Money Online

Making money online is the new crave for the 21st century! But most people don't know what the first thing that they must do in order to start making a dime of this fast paced roller coaster.

My name is Greg Mintram, I have been an online enterpreneur for a few years now, and let me tell you about a few of the things that I have come across on my internet gold rush!!

I have signed up to many companies and MONEY MAKING SCHEMES!!! most of which promised the same old song and dance about ... pay this much and we PROMISE you that you will be able to fire your boss in 2 weeks... or PUT YOUR BUSINESS ON AUTO-PILOT with this money making website FREE >>>> Then you find out that you have to pay some guy $5000 or more to "coach" you to the bank!!!

So you have to do your home work!!

1}LOOK into a company, see if they have a product or service that is of any use or quality

2}HOW LONG has the Company been in business?? How does the compensation plan work? is there a minimum requirement/purchase to remain active?

3}WHAT kind of training/marketing material do they offer??

As I made My way around the Internet signing up to the "make money sending envelopes" and the "get paid for doing online surveys" I started to figure out that it wasn't that easy to make riches doing those types of opportunities, even though some people do... SO the next thing that I tried was affiliate marketing! i figured that if this guru told me to do this and that, that I would be on my way to rich city in no time!!!


I was soon to find out that there is a lot of things that the so called guru's were not telling US about how to make it with affiliate marketing!!! BUT not before you spent hundreds if not thousands on their ebooks and manuals!!!

Moving forward to the present:

About two years ago I was referred to this Company called SFI, at the time I was just beginning on the Internet in hopes of making money online and I really did not have the slightest idea of what was or was not a good reputable company, so I signed up to SFI and started to fumble around with different ways to get traffic to my SFI business. A couple of weeks of long hours and not a clue what I was doing, I gave up and never signed on to the site again!!!

THEN about 3 weeks ago I was driving behind this Mini Van and noticed this sticker in the window that said "GET PAID TO DRIVE YOUR CAR!!!!" (click here to see what i saw)
Since I drive around town in my car majority of the day and was still looking for a way to make money outside of my current job as a courier agent, I decided to got to the EYEEARN website and see what it was all about!!!


EYEEARN is a part of the SFI Company that I had signed up to 2 years prior to seeing this sticker in the window of a Mini Van from the same town that I live in...... I could not have signed up for any other opportunity faster than I did that night!!!!

I mean WOW!!

1}This company has awesome products and services

2} They have been in business for over a decade, the compensation plan is 2nd to none, and there is no minimum requirement/purchase to remain active if you so choose

3}SFI has invested Thousands of dollars on training and marketing materials for newbies and the most experienced marketers alike!!! With a checklist of things that you should do in order to take full advantage of the SFI compensation plan!!!

To sum it up, I only wish that I would not have passed it up 2 years ago!!!

With all the extras this company has, like an affiliate co-op program, there is no reason that everyone cant have success with SFI ... Check it out here

Now YOU are probably wondering, CAN I DO THIS???

Just ask yourself this... If YOU could have someone take you by the hand and show you step by step how to finally start MAKING MONEY online, would you stick out your hand???

It has been a few years now since my first attempt at making money online, and I have learned a lot about SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click), and team building!!!

And for anyone that joins SFI through MY link will receive any and all help that you need in order to build a profitable business!! No matter what level of experience you may have I am dedicated to the success of every one in my team as my success is directly tied to YOUR SUCCESS!!!